Matt stays up to speed with the evolving world of bikes and can offer advice based on your budget, wants, and riding style.

A good ride starts with the perfect fit. Matt can get you set up for optimal power transfer as well as comfort in the saddle.

Parts Install

Caruso Cycleworks accepts Mastercard, Visa, AmericanExpress & Discover.

​Rates are $50/hr, but please call for estimates on Custom Builds.

Fees​ & Payments

Matt is a perfectionist, so when it comes to building your dream bike, he is the one you want tightening the screws and cutting cables.

services​ offered


Ready to swap something out? Matt can remove the old and install the new.    

Custom Builds

Tune-ups & Overhauls

Bike Fits


No matter what type of wheel you have, Matt can true it up to get you the safest, smoothest and most efficient ride. 



Wheel Truing

Matt's been turning wrenches for years and takes pride in providing professional, comprehensive bike repair. No job is too big or too small! 

He will fix what you bring it in for, as well as notify you if anything else needs attention. Without question, you'll leave his shop with the confidence that your bike is safer and (probably, but not guaranteed) FASTER!


Whether you need your derailleurs tuned or a new part installed, Matt can get your bike running smoothly (and quietly!) again.